Ideas are Prototyped until they become sellable Inventions.

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Invention Title Basic Idea Average Rating Total Stars For Sale? Inventor
Gravity Powered Golf Putting Ramp This is a small, electricity-free putting ramp perfect for the office. In rooms with short carpet, no felt is needed, and it is a subtle, silent, and speedy device to practice putting in the office. Felt can be used for hard floor 35 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Soccer Touch Tracker A small sensor and mobile application that helps soccer players track how much time (or how many touches) they have on a soccer ball, much like the Fitbit tracks the number of steps for a runner. 16 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Kid coach We hire kids to do the coaching at a much smaller cost. This is a local coaching/babysitting experience. 10 Stars Isaac Dyor (efcisaac07)
Automatic toilet seat My son and daughter share a bathroom, so the battle of the ages continues in my house: seat up or seat down. I have an idea that will allow boys and girls and men and women to peacefully coexist. 4 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Print Shelter for 3D printer 3D printers are dropping in price ($400), but they are noisy, stinky, and take up valuable space. I want to build a structure to put these awesome devices outside where they belong. Just plug in to the same chord you use for your Christmas lights. 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)