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Automated Intelligent Product Catalog Creation and Curation As e-commerce operators we waste too much time wrangling data from hundreds of vendors just to build a basic SKU and not enough time adding value based on domain expertise. Our system solves this problem. 15 Stars Shilo Jones (Shilo)
home wind power generators colorful decorative wind mills small enough to be mounted in a yard or on a roof which would perform at least two functions. 1. it would be a flag outside a business or a home telling everyone you are globally conscious 2. generating electricity. 14 Stars peter pryor (koumogo)
Micro turf Astro turf for your garage so you can play micro soccer games. Including wall panels and overhead netting to prevent damage to any window/child. 10 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Snow burner dish A TV dish with a small solar rim for homes in regions with lots of snowfall? That way you don't to climb a ladder and knock off the snow in every snow storm. 10 Stars Pete Pryor (ppryor4hire)
Removable Stylish and Reflective Bicycle Tire Wrap Cyclists are a stylish but safety conscious bunch. Customizable, reflective and easily removable bicycle tire wraps will add inexpensive flair, uniqueness, and most importantly SAFETY to this growing activity. Wraps fit around tire like a glove! 9 Stars Steve Sanders (stevesanders24)
Intelligent Advertising Software Marketers are swimming in data, but putting this data to work to optimize advertising budgets under $10k/month is more trouble than it is worth...until this software is built. Join me! :) 5 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Flashing dog collar I have a black lab. I like to let him wander without a leash, but then I lose sight of him. Thinking that by pinching on his collar, I could make it light up. Pinch it again and make it go dark. 5 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Side job marketplace Employees: Instead of asking for a raise, get a side job. Employers: get access to experienced talent on demand. Identify talent that you want to make part of your company. 5 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Universal rating system I want people to rate ideas on inventose, but people are reuctant to crest an account on ANOTHER system before there is value. This would allow people to rate ideas (or anything) on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn & aggregate the results on a website. 5 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Smelling plants for dogs When we walk our dog, all he really wants to do is smell different plants (and what other dogs have left on those plants). Can we create planters that would be almost as entertaining as the real thing and leave them in our back yard? Let's try. 5 Stars Avery Dyor (
Airport Golf Trainer When you go to the airport, you have plenty of choices for eating & drinking, but if you want to do something your options are limited. With the airport golf trainer, you can practice your swing and even get a video lesson from a remote pro. 5 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Magic Mirror for Sports Performance When you are golfing or batting, you can set up your phone or iPad to record you. Instead of playing in realtime, you can specify a delay (e.g., 20 seconds) so that you can watch your swing and then go back to hitting. 4 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Head stabilizing head piece for golf Create a hat/headphones that reduces your head motion while swinging. 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Apple a day We all want to eat healthier, but junk food is just so convenient. This service drops off healthy and ready to eat fruits and vegetables every morning, either at your office or your house. Monthly subscriptions so you are committed to eating well 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
TC2C: Trashcan 2 Curb Automated Delivery System Have you ever forgotten to take your trash out? Have you ever needed to take your trash out whilst on vacation? Are you just super lazy? If you answered yes, this little gadget is for you! 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Continuous Calculation of 3D Print Costs + Printability in CAD Software Depending on the material and 3D printer you are using, there can be different optimal designs that maximize printability while minimizing cost. By feeding the printer type and material into the CAD software, designers could build cheap & printable 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Concussion detection mobile app Hold an app up to a player's eye and the app can detect whether the player has suffered from a concussion. 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Squtters: Squezable Box Cutters I spend a bit of time collapsing boxes for recycle (we are an amazon family:). Instead of standard box cutters where the blade is often left out, you squeeze the blade out and it retracts once you release the pressure. Sweet! 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
3d print failure detection camera 3d prints can take hours, & often fail leading to wasted material and lost time. Setting up a camera that compares wheat the print should look like to what it does will identify errors, allow operator to see what lead to failure, & allow fast retry 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Drone fishing Integrate fishing gear and a drone, and you have a pretty fun way to spend an afternoon:) 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Golf pad A pad you drop on the floor and hit with your 7 iron. It needs to resist like dirt, meaning if you hit too deep it grabs your club (unlike turf). Ideally, it has a target line, and could show where your club face hit/left the surface. 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)
Fitbit video blog Be able to create quick videos and take pictures during your run. Shares it to blog along with data about the run (map/gps integrated) 0 Stars Matt Dyor (Matt)