Golf Open Challenge

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Keywords: Golf, Sports
Author: Matt Dyor (Matt)
Date Created: 5/15/2017 7:16:50 PM

This challenge is open and ongoing for golf-related ideas. Eventually, I will try to find a golf club manufacturer or golf commerce player to sponsor the challenge. For now, just have fun and post some interesting ideas!

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Ideas and Prototypes

Gravity Powered Golf Putting Ramp

This is a small, electricity-free putting ramp perfect for the office. In rooms with short carpet, no felt is needed, and it is a subtle, silent, and speedy device to practice putting in the office. Felt can be used for hard floor

Magic Mirror for Sports Performance

When you are golfing or batting, you can set up your phone or iPad to record you. Instead of playing in realtime, you can specify a delay (e.g., 20 seconds) so that you can watch your swing and then go back to hitting.

Head stabilizing head piece for golf

Create a hat/headphones that reduces your head motion while swinging.

Golf pad

A pad you drop on the floor and hit with your 7 iron. It needs to resist like dirt, meaning if you hit too deep it grabs your club (unlike turf). Ideally, it has a target line, and could show where your club face hit/left the surface.

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